Hey, there!!!

I came up with the idea for this blog while sleeping... I had sent me an email for the name, and came back to sleep.
Well, I do have a French name, just another French name....
I wanna use this blog for everything that comes along: recipes, general comments, and first and foremost, to practice writing good things. I explain: after reading my old diaries, I've realized that I only write when upset, making a really difficult time when I have to write something nice.
So, here it goes!

Yesterday I've cooked cheese topped steaks and I was surprised of how great it came out! It was served with aspargos (olive oil and pepper) and rice.

Tomorrow I will probably make a white sauce (with ground meat and ricota) lasanha. For today, I still have some steaks to go!

Talking about "to go" my sudden interest on cooking it is not helping my extra 10lb to leave.... but this is another story... =)